Pacific Mapple Sable Grey

sable grey

If you are searching for a flooring experience that exceeds your expectations, then you need to look no further because our Pacific Maple flooring in Sable Grey serves your purpose well. This masterpiece from the Maple Hardwood Collection is expertly carved with hands to unleash the wood’s natural allure, keeping in mind the current trend of contemporary design. Its hardwood planks are dense and durable with micro-beveled edges and feature measurement of random length, 3 1/4″ width and 3/4″ thickness. Class and comfort are intrinsic in this flooring, making it a viable choice for sophisticated people.

Besides pepping up the lost charm in your surroundings, this flooring type boasts several benefits for its customers that would surely leave them satisfied. Its hand-scraped finish is unmatched and likely preferred over the standard wood floor finishes by many customers, especially families with pets and small children. Little dents, marks, or scratches get easily concealed within the wide-ranging scrapes letting homeowners stay stress-free from the usual wear and tear.

sable grey
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