Pacific Mapple Haze


Get hold of the flooring that’s easy on the eyes and wallet. Our Pacific Maple flooring in Haze tone by FERMA’s Classic Hardwood Collection is sure to complement any room setting perfectly without breaking the bank. Crafted with a solid, dense, and durable hardwood with micro-beveled edges and a hand-scraped finish, it simply amps up the aura of your living space with the natural grain and charm of the wood itself.

Featuring dimensions with a measurement of random length, 4 5/8″ width, and 3/4″ thickness, this hand-scraped wooden creation adds the lost charm and character to your home decor. Moreover, this flooring type is ideal for homes with pets, small children, and any high-traffic area. The little dents, marks, and scratches get easily concealed with the various scrapes of the flooring, making homeowners stay stress-free from the normal wear and tear and leaving them satisfied in the long run.

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