Pacific Mapple Fawn


When you want your furnishings to stand out and your living spaces to look larger, this elegant Pacific Maple wooden flooring in Fawn color can be your go-to choice. Skillfully hand sculpted to reveal the wood’s natural grain and charm, it diffuses vibes of warmth, calmness, and sophistication into the air. Just grab this masterpiece from the Maple Hardwood Collectionand you won’t ever regret your decision for the years to come.

Besides pepping up the lost charm in your surroundings, this flooring type boasts several benefits for its customers that would surely leave them satisfied. Its hand-scraped finish is unmatched and likely preferred over the standard wood floor finishes by many customers, especially families with pets and small children. Little dents, marks, or scratches get easily concealed within the wide-ranging scrapes letting homeowners stay stress-free from the usual wear and tear.

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