Acacia Chestnut

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When it comes to flooring, there shouldn’t be any room for error! Our Acacia flooring, in its elegant Chestnut hue, is a tasteful choice that exudes an unmistakable air of sophistication with a rustic twist. This unique flooring solution by FERMA belongs to the Rainforest pool and features medium to dark brown hardwood of robust quality and dramatic graining.

Besides its rustic flair, the Acacia flooring has a smooth surface with micro-beveled edges that are now becoming the norm in much-prefinished wood flooring solutions due to its myriad benefits. With a random length, 3.625 inches width, and 0.75 inches thickness, this flooring is ideal to be deployed on your walls and floors and fits any style, whether your penchant is for modern or traditional.

achacha 2
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